Golden Star Chinese Restaurant


60 Main St, South Bound Brook, NJ, 08880


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With a history of more than two decades, Golden Star Restaurant have weathered all trials and tribulations and eventually erected itself shiningly as a golden star in the sky. Golden Star Restaurant is an eat-in and take-out establishment with traditional Chinese-style decoration. For those who prefer Chinese style dining atmosphere, this is the right place for you. Well Seated yourself in the bright and spacious area, you’ll be tremendously satisfied.

In addition to the desirable decoration and dining environment, what tempts customers most is the rich menu on which you could find Americanized Chinese food, traditional Chinese food and even the exotic Thai food. With Roast Duck, Broccoli with Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken and Lo Mein as its signatures, it leaves diners sweet dining memories and gives its great concern on customers health by serving healthy dishes and fresh ingredients. “we dedicates to offering genuine traditional Chinese food, and this is also what set us separate from other restaurants. As for the style, we are trying to melt as many exotic tastes as possible on our menu.” Said Mrs.Yang, the owner.


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